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Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk


Because I’m a slack little author and didn’t get this in for the book, here’s a page to list all the various people I need to thank for helping me get Secret Ones out to the world.

To my Mum and Dad, Gael Scala and Brian Dunkley. It was they who taught me the value of reading, and it was Dad’s extensive science fiction and fantasy collection that got me into magic and space ships.

To my grandmother, Kathleen Scala. I discovered romance when I moved to live with her and Grandad at the age of 18 and found the hundreds of Mills and Boons books she had.

To Margaret Ryan, my year nine and ten English teacher, who was the first champion of my writing and convinced me that I really could do it.

To Roxanne, Sue, Jill and Alice – they took my romance reading to a whole new level by introducing me to writers such as Johanna Lindsey, Amanda Quick, Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught.

To Krystal – the first person in years to read my writing and who loved it and made me feel good.

To the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild – where I, like Lucas, found the place that I belonged. Particularly, I need to acknowledge the role that the first novel critique group played in seeing this novel come into being, so thanks to Gillian, Mik, Kylie and Kenny for your thoughts on how to improve the book.

To my beta readers – Kylie Seluka, Kaaren Sutcliffe and Annette Dunkley. The care you took to read my work and offer me honest and constructive feedback can never be repaid. Particularly you, Kylie, who read this twice. Note to the world – Kylie is the only person who doesn’t have to read the published book.

To Fantasy Writers on Retreat – Cat Sparks, Donna Maree Hanson, Kylie Seluka, Matthew Farrer, Russell Kirkpatrick and Trudi Canavan, for all your support and hand-holding over the past 18 months. I wouldn’t have made it through with some semblance of my sanity remaining without you. Considering how little sanity I had to start with, it was a major achievement.

To Alan, Pete, Rosie and Bridget – for reading and loving the manuscript and making me feel that maybe it would work after all.

Last but not least, to my husband, Tim, for at times being more excited than me and wanting nothing more than for me to achieve my dream. Thank you.

Back to Secret Ones.

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