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Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Secret Ones - Book 1, The Dream of Asarlai

Maggie Shaunessy is used to keeping secrets. She’s a fabulous teacher but she’s also gadda, part of a hidden, powerful race – and she had a habit of annoying the wrong people…

Until Lucas Valeroso met Maggie, he had no idea what awaited him: super-human powers, a smart and beautiful woman interested in more than unlocking his new abilities and, above all, a sense of belonging.

But dark ambition and dangerous bigotry are emerging in the gadda ranks. Lucas’ new family might cast him out before he’s even truly found his place. And  Maggie must work with new allies to find and retrieve a missing artefact before the entire world is changed for all time.

Deleted scenes: some of the scenes that didn’t make the final cut of Secret Ones.

Commentary: Nicole’s thoughts on the creation of Secret Ones – listen to in one lot or as you’re reading the book.

How a novel develops. Note: contains spoilers.


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Praise for Secret Ones

‘Murphy is not restrained in her work, either by tradition or cliché … There is so much to love in this one volume, and it only makes it better that it is just the first we’ll see of the gadda!’ A Writer Goes On A Journey

‘Murphy’s strengths are in drawing richly imagined settings, and in creating characters with whom the reader feels an immediate affinity, and she gives her all in both of these aspects.’ Read in a Single Sitting

‘It’s a little hard to pick a genre. Although there is a VERY strong romance element, in a paranormal setting, there is also a theme of mystery that moves it into the urban fantasy genre.  But what I can decide on… it’s good.’ Fangtastic Fiction


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