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Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Asarlai has set loose one of the most dangerous gadda who has ever lived. As she regains control of her plans, she finds a powerful ally and the pressure builds to stop her and retrieve the Forbidden Texts before she can change the world forever.

Hampton Rourke is convinced he’s not the right man to be leading the search for Asarlai. He’s come so close and failed so many times - what guarantee is there he can ultimately succeed? When the clues lead to Boston and he stumbles upon one of the fabled lost families, Hampton faces challenges that will test his faith not just in himself, but in his power.

To make the situation even more complicated, Hampton finds himself unwillingly drawn to Charlotte Haraldson, a woman who hates gadda and power. But she might hold the secret to finally stopping Asarlai for good. Does he dare risk his heart for the sake of all gadda?

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Praise for Rogue Gadda

Do you find yourself checking people out on the bus, wondering whether any of them are Gadda? That’s how the Gadda stories can draw you in!>It’s a gripping story, and there is the usual sexually explicit ‘sealed section’ we have come to know and love in Murphy’s novels. Crisetta Macleod for Aurealis Xpress

Four hundred and eight pages flew by while the world outside seemed to fade away - storytelling is vivid and vibrant creating a technicolour movie playing through my mind as I read her words and as I think back on the book I see flashes of scenes rather than words scrolling across a page. Beauty and Lace

I heartily recommend this series to anyone that enjoys paranormal romantic suspense. Personally, I really hope that Ms. Murphy continues to write in this world as it is unique and very fresh. ParaNormalRomance Reviews

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