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Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

The gadda

The world of the gadda is really our world. However, the gadda aren’t human - they’ve descended from different ancestors and as a result, have access to the power of the world around them and can use it to perform what we humans call magic.

They look human. They act human. They live ostensibly human lives. But they are also beholden to the council of the gadda, the bardria, and the rules of the gadda which are policed by the six guardians - Sabhamir, Heasimir, Garramir, Firimir, Coiremir and Ceamir.

The gadda are based in the Irish town of Sclossin, in the county of Leitrim.

The most paramount thing in the life of any gadda is keeping their true identity secret from humans - being known would just be too difficult and dangerous, for gadda and humans alike.

The Dream of Asarlai Trilogy The Dream of Asarlai trilogy

For centuries, the existence of the gadda has been a secret. However, Asarlai has a dream - she can’t see why the gadda, with the power they can wield, aren’t rulers of the world. She steals the Forbidden Texts to make this happen and it’s up to the guardians to stop her.

Book one - Secret Ones

Book Two: Power Unbound

Book Three: Rogue Gadda 

Other stories/books about the gadda

Kenyon and Nami Kenyon and Nami

Kenyon Audley doesn’t care much about his secret gadda heritage, preferring to travel the world searching for the perfect wave. In Japan, he finds a different kind of perfection but his chance at happiness could be ruined by the demands of the gadda.

Published as a thankyou to all the people who read and loved the trilogy.

The FestivalThe Festival

The sequel to the Dream of Asarlai trilogy.Twelve months after the guardians finally arrested Asarlai and saved the gadda, they’re ready to prove that the existence of a magical race is still a secret from humanity. But not everyone in the Irish town of Sclossin wants it to be a success…

Recent release

Much Ado About Love

Trix Leon has put her heart and soul into Messina, and now it could all be taken away from her. Ben Anthony seems to have the ability to save her but while she trusts him with her pleasure, will she trust him with her love? Based on the Shakespeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

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