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Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

As Nicole Murphy

Novels, novellas and singularly published short stories

As Nicole R Murphy/Nicole Murphy, Nicole writes speculative fiction - science fiction, fantasy, horror, sometimes with a strong romance plot. For short stories published within anthologies/collections, see the Bibliography.

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Protecting Her Heart The final book in Nicole Murphy’s steamy, sexy science fiction trilogy brings back an unforgettable character for her own unforgettable story…

Plissa Waltric has made mistakes: being a bitch to the Prince of Rica was probably not the best career move. But she’s really tried to make the best of her punishment for almost killing Kernan Radaton – turning things around at the Rican Balcite Mining Company, training a replacement, and waiting for the King of Angonia to forgive her and let her return home.

Thanks to her role in protecting the RBMC, it looks like Plissa might finally be free. But with the end of her punishment in sight, the very last thing Plissa needs is a secret from her past to make an appearance. Unfortunately, Paolo has always done just as he pleases, and it pleases him to rekindle his relationship with Plissa. But the secretive organisation of capaz de pensa is outlawed now, and Plissa’s past involvement could risk her whole future.

With Paolo back in her life—and her bed—it soon becomes clear that her future is not the only thing she’s risking. Plissa has always valued her head above her heart, her ambition over her relationships. Now she needs to figure out what is really important, and what she is willing to sacrifice to get it.

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Previous releases

The Gadda books (urban fantasy) 

The Dream of Asarlai Trilogy - Secret Ones, Power Unbound, Rogue Gadda - published by HarperCollins Australia

Kenyon and Nami - self-published

The Festival - self-published


The Jorda trilogy (science fiction romance)

Loving the Prince, Winning the King and Protecting Her Heart

The Right Connection - fantasy romance - self-published

How Astrid Found Her Passion - short story, fantasy romance - self-published


Recent release

Much Ado About Love

Trix Leon has put her heart and soul into Messina, and now it could all be taken away from her. Ben Anthony seems to have the ability to save her but while she trusts him with her pleasure, will she trust him with her love? Based on the Shakespeare play 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

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