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Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

Nicole Murphy & Elizabeth Dunk

The birth of Elizabeth Dunk.

15 Sep 2012

Some years ago, when I decided that I might write across genres, I also made the decision to use different pen names but to be open about that.

You see, some people read genre. Full stop. There are folks that read romance who will not read fantasy, and vice versa. I wanted to make it clear to those folks that if they picked up a Nicole Murphy book, they’d be getting magic and mayhem and monsters and Mars.* If they picked up an Elizabeth Dunk book they’d be getting straight romance.

On the other hand, there are people who read authors and aren’t particularly thrown off by genre and I wanted those people to be able to read whatever I wrote, so I’d be open about it.

So here I am - two pen names because I’m now published in two different genres, but both appearing on the banner of my webpage so people know upfront.

So how did I choose Elizabeth Dunk? NB - Nicole Murphy is my real name.

Well, Elizabeth is my confirmation name. For those who don’t know, as part of the sacrament of confirmation in the Catholic church, you choose a saint’s name to become your own, to join yourself with that saint and have them as a guide. I toyed for a while with Saint Therese, whose deep faith in God really resonated with my own total belief at the time but eventually I went with Elizabeth - mostly because St Elizabeth was Mary’s cousin and while I didn’t feel capable of bearing the name of the mother of my Lord, I liked being that close to her. Plus Elizabeth was my favourite name when I grew up and for a while, I toyed with officially changing my name from Nicole to Elizabeth when I got old enough.

Does everyone go through a period where they HATE their name, or is that just me?

So, that’s Elizabeth. The ‘Dunk’ is simple - it’s the first syllable of my maiden name, Dunkley.

I decided Elizabeth Dunk had a pretty good ring to it and so it was.

You can read one Elizabeth Dunk story now - Claudine’s New Adventure - and the second will be available on Monday as part of URL Love, a new anthology from HarperCollins. You can pre-order here for Amazon and will be able to buy on Monday from all good e-tailers.

  • I was SOOOO worried that putting in a science fiction reference would ruin the alliteration - thanks Muse :)

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