The week that was…

Not much on the writing front this week. I had plans, oh yes I did. But then a bit of illness intervened and my energy dipped and I had to put it into other commitments, such as finalising a crit for the CSFG novel crit group.

But today and tomorrow, I’m getting stuck into editing an old novel that I’ve decided to self-publish. I’ve figured out that part of my ennui from the beginning of this year is a lack of deadlines to help organise and shape my days. So I’ve presented my own – every two months I’ll be self-publishing a short story or novella. This is a novel, but it’s a short one. It’s SF romance, which is always a hard sell so there’s probably no point in spending years trying to find a publisher for it. But it’s a rollicking little story that still hasn’t left me alone after all these years (was written in 2004, just after first drafts of Dream of Asarlai trilogy). I’m looking forward to working on it, polishing some of the roughness and getting it out into the world.

Then the next deadline – July, and a gadda novella. Oh yes, my friends who love the gadda – you’ll be able to catch up with Maggie and Lucas, Ione and Stephen and Hampton and Charlotte and see where they are twelve months on after the end of the Dream of Asarlai trilogy. 25k words of fun, tension, fear and hot, hot sex :)

The other thing I did this week was set up In fabula-divinos. I’ve had the idea of this for more than a year now, and with my new ‘I’m not afraid’ attitude decided what the hey, I’m going to try to get it off the ground now rather than wait. The support from folks has been so incredible that I’m now opening to submissions at the beginning of April for first publication beginning of May. So looking forward to this.

And I’ve got a very interesting meeting this afternoon, which may lead to even more interesting things to do later this year. Not to mention that I’m going shopping with my birthday vouchers! :)